Power Team Membership

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'UP Coach Member'

How does The Power Team UK Membership work?

This membership has been created for those wishing to participate in their own personal growth, knowing that their membership payment will be invested to assist others less fortunate.

Membership is currently 50% off, for life, at only £15 per month instead of the full price of £30 per month. This means that someone signing up now will never pay the full amount unless their membership lapses, in which case, if renewed, it would be £30 per month.

There are two levels of membership. You can either join as an ‘Up Coach Member’, which is for you if you are a coach and want to be part of the coaching team that coaches those struggling in life and looking to the Power Team to assist them. Those selected to be on the ‘Up Program’ not only get full access to powerful personal development tools, they also get their own personal coach (this could be you) for a period of three months at no cost to themselves.

When you join as an ‘Up Coach Member’ you are automatically putting yourself forward as a pro bono coach to assist those coming forward for coaching. The current requirements to become an ‘Up Coach Member’ is that you hold a Master Coach ‘Blue Certificate’. If you want to support this pilot scheme and you don’t currently hold this certificate, please contact joe@mastercoach.co who will fill you in on the details…

‘Standard Membership’ is for you if you want to participate in high-level personal development, belong to a great peer group and want to be part of a ‘7th Power Group’ whereby by coming together we make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the greater good. Your membership money goes directly into the charity to assist others that are finding life a struggle right now…

What do you get for your membership?
1. You can attend the Online Power Team UK meetings including 1. A Personal Development Power Tool and  2. An Anthony Robbins ‘Success Story’ every month.

2. You can attend the ‘Live’ Meetings, full day Personal Development Events, inspired by the work of Anthony Robbins, for those looking to learn and grow.

3. 24/7 access to online Foundational Personal Development Power Tools.

4. ‘UP Coach’ members also get the opportunity to assist people on the ‘UP Program’ Pilot Scheme, to help them to get their life to the next level

Please just select the membership that fits you best and follow the instructions. On joining you will receive series of emails giving you more details about member benifits…


Level Price  
Power Team UK UP Coach Membership £15.00 per Month. Select
Power Team UK Standard Membership £15.00 per Month. Select