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Failing To Achieve Your Potential or Disappointed in Your Life Results?
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Outcomes for YOU

Why follow THE POWER TEAM UK? Are you looking to develop yourself so you experience the levels of wealth, health, relationships and overall happiness you truly desire? If that's a BIG YES, then look no further! The Power Team here in the UK shares top draw personal development inspired by the worlds leading coach, Anthony Robbins.

Mr Robbins taught us that 'The People We Share Time With IS Who We Become'.

The Power Team UK is a group of Anthony Robbins Graduates, people that have read his books, watched and listened to his audio and video programs or attended his live events programs both in the UK and around the world, coming together to do exactly what he tells us to do, that's create a peer group or what he calls a '7th Power'.


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The 'UP Program'

U - Power
Scott and Leanne Gavin, appeared on 'The Big Benefits Handout', screened by Channel Five they are a family that is finding it really difficult to make ends meet.

There are serious numbers of families suffering hardship throughout the UK and much of this is bought about by them simply not knowing what to do about their situation so they end up 'dependent' on others and the state to help them.

Our outcome is to offer those in need and open to committing to take massive action a three-month program of 'Personal Development'. They will get unlimited access to the Power Teams '12 Life Changing Fundamentals Tools', as well as being allotted a qualified personal coach to assist them to see if they can turn things around.

We call this the 'UP Program', where, as the song says, 'The Only Way is UP'. 'UP' stands for 'U - POWER'. They, of course, need to want to 'Jump' and take part to see if, with help, they can move from a life of 'dependence' to a happier life of 'independence'.

'UP Coaching'

UP Coach
Calling all coaches! Are you up for assisting families and individuals that are finding life a struggle? Becoming a Power Team UK ‘UP Coach’ will mean joining in the running of a pilot scheme to see if, with the right tools and a great coach for 4 months, these people can radically turn things around.

Traditionally The Power Team at Christmas has collected cash, created Christmas hampers and delivered them to families in need. Moving forward our outcome is not just to help people at Christmas but all year round.

We are looking for coaches ready to step up to the plate, join the Power Team UK as an 'UP Coach Member' and take part in this pilot scheme and make magic happen.

Each person you will coach and mentor is a real person with real challenges for you to make a massive difference to and if you can, share the story afterwards so others get inspired and empowered to do the same.

Master Coach Certified Training


Next ONLINE Event

New Dates To Be Announced

The Power Team UK (former The Birmingham Yes Group) meets on-line on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. (join the list to stay informed of upcoming events).

On the 1st Thursday of each month, we will be sharing a powerful ‘Personal Development Tool’ inspired by the teachings of Anthony Robbins. If you fully engage with these teachings and take action to implement what you learn, new more empowering life experiences are the most common result.

On the third Thursday of the month, we share a  success story from someone that has taken such learnings by the horns and actioned them. They will share what their life was pre these learnings, what they took from the teachings, what they actioned and then share with us the results they have got. 

Your hosts are Tony and or Nicki Vee, who together have lived and breathed not only their own personal development for a combined total of over 40 years,  they have assisted tens of thousands of people to open up to a life of possibilities.

These online events are interactive so you can ask questions on any aspect of what’s shared leaving you feeling empowered and inspired to take what Tony Robbins calls, ‘MASSIVE ACTION’.


Next LIVE Event

Next Date To Be Announced

Next Date To Be Announced

The Power Team UK (formerly The Birmingham Yes Group) meets at the Radisson Hotel in the center of Birmingham for a full day of Personal Development Training inspired by the teachings of Anthony Robbins. Doors open 10 am and the event runs from 10.30am to 5 pm with the option of sharing lunch together (1 pm to 2 pm).

On the day we will be sharing a ‘Key Fundamental Personal Development Tool’ that will have changed thousands of lives for those that embraced the learnings and took ‘Massive Action’.

The Power Team UK throughout 2017 is building what we call the ’12 Fundamental Personal Development Tools’, that if embraced fully can change your life for the better in all aspects of your life pretty much for life.

To this end, we offer a low cost ‘Monthly Membership Program’ so that on becoming a member of the Power Team UK you will get not only access to the on-line and off-line training events you will also have access to the ’12 Fundamental Tools’ on our on-line platform as they go live.

It’s also worth noting that we this year already have a sponsor on board so all of your ticket and membership subscriptions will go to assisting families less fortunate than ourselves. 


Why Tony Robbins is the ‘Inspiration’ Behind the Power Team UK

In the video Tony shares one of his key principles, that being, “that it’s in our moments of decision our destiny is shaped”. He argues we are making decision all the time that bring us either what we are thrilled with or challenges by and by making empowered decision we can become a inspiring example to others…

There are four steps to process of decision making…

  1. Decide what you really want, what are you absolutely committed to achieving?
  2. Take massive action to make it happen.
  3. Notice what’s working and what’s not working.
  4. When things aren’t working change your approach continually until it works

Tony Robbins calls these steps – “The Ultimate Success Formula”

It's in Your Moments of Decision That Your Destiny is Shaped
~ Anthony Robbins ~


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